Beautiful lies
Ask me anything
You wont ever know,but I love you so.
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i downloaded a mod in skyrim that changes all the spiders to bears so the bears will liTERALLY DESCEND FROM THE CEILING OF CAVES



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1. please be gentle. rough hands and smoldering words from a life of hardship have already worn her down more than you’ll ever fully understand.

2. please be patient. some days you will open your eyes to start the day, and you won’t even recognize that girl you’re waking up next to. but i promise she’s still there. give her some time, she’ll come back to you eventually.

3. please be kind. she’ll scream at you that she can’t do this, that you’re going to leave like everyone else. she’ll yell hurtful thoughts at random just to test you, just to see if you’ll stay. but do not recuperate these spiteful words. grab her by the hands, look her in the eyes, and tell her you love her.

4. please be spontaneous. wake her up at 2 am and take her to the ocean. lay a blanket on the sand, light some candles, turn on her favorite song, and look at the stars. she’s always been a hopeless romantic.

5. please love her. i know it’ll be hard, because she’s stubborn, and difficult, and on some days she’ll make you want to pull all of your hair out. but for every day that’s hard, i promise she’ll give you a months worth of days that’ll make it all worth it. so stay, because you’re being given an opportunity that i thought i would have forever.

to the girl that gets to love you next (via sad-disposition)
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"We are the American Hooligans.
We come from milk crate furniture
and empty alcohol bottles as tasteful decoration.
We are the party when you can and
fuck it, I’m gonna have a drink because
sometimes Tuesdays are too hard.
We come from home-made tattoos
and we’re made to find homes in
ourselves when we have forgotten that
shelters are harder to build alone.
This is that,
free pizza here, free samples there,
and spend the rest of the money on
cheap beer and textbooks.
sun doesn’t set the standards on when
to be awake because we find that there
are a lot of flowers out there that look
the most breathtaking in starlight."
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I find it crazy how any of us can die at any moment yet we live our lives always planning for the future

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